Attendance of Lok Sabha members

All Lok Sabha members except Sitting Members and Cabinet Ministers are required to sign an attendance register for each day that the Lok Sabha is in session. Besides the fact that physical presence is required to participate in the functions of the House, the majority required to pass a proposal depends on the number of members in attendance. As a result, attending Parliament sessions is a critical part of being an MP.

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0 20 40 60 80 100 Special 2009 Budget 2009 Winter 2009 Budget 2010 Monsoon 2010 Winter 2010 Budget 2011 Monsoon 2011 Winter 2011 Budget 2012 Monsoon 2012 Winter 2012 Budget 2013 Median attendance (in %age) Parliament Sessions

The special session of 2009 was held immediately after the General Elections.

The median attendance of members in budget sessions (84.3%) has been slightly higher than in ordinary sessions (82.5%).

Lok Sabha members never signed the attendance register
Lok Sabha members have more than 90% attendance for Parliament sessions
Lok Sabha members attended every single day of every Lok Sabha session
50 60 70 80 90 100 Median attendance (in %age) MEDIAN ATTENDANCE AITC BJP BSP INC JD(U) SP Political Parties
The median attendance for Lok Sabha members is 83.4%. Out of the political parties with 20 or more MPs, All-India Trinamool Congress has the least attendance.
According to the median attendance figures for all MPs
attend less often than
MPs OLDER THAN 70 87.6%
attend almost as often as

Some notes:

— This chart uses median attendance instead of mean attendance since median is better at showing trends and is less affected by outliers.

— The median attendance in the Special Session of 2009 was 100%. However, the actual attendance was not 100% since a number of members did not attend.

— Sitting members and Cabinet ministers do not sign the attendance register and hence there is no information about their attendance. Hence, they have been excluded from these statistics.

— We have used the data provided by the Government of India as-is. We cannot be sure how accurate the records kept using the attendance register are.

— In addition, we cannot be sure whether MPs who are not Sitting Members or Cabinet Members and yet have never signed the attendance register have also never attended Parliament.

— The Budget Session of 2011 was officially shortened to 23 days by the Lok Sabha. However, the attendance records have 28 days worth of entries. We have assumed that the session was 28 days in length.


Data regarding the attendance of Lok Sabha members was compiled from the Government of India's Data Portal, and the official Lok Sabha website:

Data regarding the ages of the current Lok Sabha members was obtained from the official Lok Sabha website:

Feel free to look at the calculations used for our data: lok-sabha-attendance-calculations.xls