Women in the current Lok Sabha

From the beginning, the proportion of women and men in the Lok Sabha has been skewed — the representation of women in the Lok Sabha has never really matched their ratio in the population of India as a whole. And although we are yet to achieve that, the current Lok Sabha has the highest number of women in history.

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51.5% 48.5%
In India
11.6% 88.4%
In the Lok Sabha
At 63 out of 543, or 11.6% the current Lok Sabha has the highest number of women in it.
Out of India’s twenty-eight states and seven union territories,
do not have a woman representative in the Lok Sabha
No women representatives
Less than 5% of MPs are women
5–15% of MPs are women
15–25% of MPs are women
More than 25% of MPs are women
is the average age of women MPs in the Lok Sabha (against 58 years for men)
of women MPs have only been to school
women MPs have studied to post graduate or higher educational levels
40.0% 60.0%
Of the five Sitting Members of the Lok Sabha, two are currently women
Sushma Swaraj (Bharatiya Janta Party) elected from Vidisha (Madhya Pradesh) is the Leader of the Opposition.
Meira Kumar (Indian National Congress) elected from Sasaram (Bihar) is the Speaker of the House.
Data about India's population was obtained from figures of the 2011 census: http://www.devinfo.org/indiacensuspopulationtotals2011/stock/data/CSV_DataFiles/CensusInfo India 2011 Provisional Population Totals_2012_en.zip

Data regarding the Lok Sabha members, the states and union territories of their election, their age and educational qualifications was compiled from the official Lok Sabha website:

The map of India seen here is a derivative of the map of India on Wikimedia Commons:

When calculating the average age of female Lok Sabha members, data for one MP, Kaisar Jahan, was missing.
Since nominated members are not elected, they were not included in the map of women representatives from states and UTs.